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During the Covid-19 pandemic many therapists had to begin to offer services online. Over this time, significant scientific research has demonstrated that therapy delivered online by remote video is just as effective and can offer several advantages (e.g. flexibility and convenience). We now therefore offer a combination of  face to face and/or online therapy. 

Advantages of remote video


  • Appointments available at more flexible times when clinics may not usually be open, and more flexibility to fit around your routine/other commitments.

  • More flexibility to find a therapist to suit you, without the limitation of geographical location.


  • No commute. All you need is a private space and good broadband connection.

  • Improved accessibility for clients who have mobility issues or anxieties that may present difficulties when attending a clinic.

  • No compromise. Supported by scientific evidence base demonstrating the effectiveness of psychological interventions delivered online, for example cognitive behavioural therapy.


  • Video consultations may not be suitable for everyone. If our clinicians have any concerns about suitability they will discuss this with you.

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